On-line Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Saltdean, Brighton, UK

What is Hypnotherapy ?


Hypnosis is a totally natural relaxed state of mind. It will help you to change patterns of behavior and boost you confidence to achieve your goals. 

You may feel sleepy and drowsy in your conscious state of mind but you will not be deep a sleep, your sub conscious will still be a wake and listen to my suggestions.

Hypnosis will only work if you will allow since you are in control.


During the first session I will attempt to find out as much about the client and the problem, I will try and establish the relevant psychological factors and the appropriate mode of treatment.


I will suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations that will help change a pattern of behavior. These suggestions help you make positive changes within yourself. 

Since you are always in an a state of awareness, you will never accept any suggestions that will harm you.


Hypnotherapy will help you take control and change your life.


Some problems can be tackled in just a few sessions while others take a little longer.