On-line Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Saltdean, Brighton, UK

May Ingram A.M.I.H

My name is May Ingram.                

I was born and raised in Israel.

At the age of 21 I travelled to Germany and lived there for over 6 years. I have studied the German language and than Social-psychology.


In 1997 I met a nice young English man, shortly after that I have moved over to England, got married and few years later had a lovely son.

We all live in Saltdean, Brighton, UK.


Through out the years I have always worked with people and was always fascinated by the studies of the human nature.

A few years ago I used Hypnotherapy for myself and I was amazed by its effectiveness.

I have decided to explore this area hence  I have completed Professional Hypnotherapy course and Psycho-Analysis in the BSY Group at 2008.

 I like helping others and I hope that I'll be able to help you too.